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Bird's nesting: An up-and-coming co-parenting solution

If two parents separate and wish to share custody, there are a few different options. A less-common option, but one that is growing in popularity, is called bird's nest co\-parenting. This method has recently been adopted by actor Josh Lucas and his ex-wife. The solution is a novel one, and Virginia residents may be more interested to learn about bird's nesting as a custody option. 

Virginians who wish to share custody of a child aided by new bill

This state may soon be following the lead of other states and scientific research by adopting a new standard for how a divorced parent will be able to spend time with a child. In the past, it was common for judges to award sole or primary custody of the children during the divorce proceedings. For Virginia parents who wish to share custody of a child, they will likely be pleased to learn about a new bill pending in the state legislature. 

Many Virginia parents want to share custody of a child

New trends in parenting are leading some state bills regarding time with the children after a divorce. Many parents, fathers and mothers, want to share custody of a child in order to cement healthy relationships with both parents. A bill recently introduced in Virginia claims to be taking baby steps toward shared custody as a default, but some say that the common interpretation of "best interests of the child" part of custody law already helps parents achieve shared custody when appropriate. 

Will I lose my child to sole custody?

Parents aren't flawless, although sometimes it seems that society expects perfection. When you discuss child custody as part of your divorce, the pressure to be the perfect parent can feel intense. You suddenly feel like you have to prove your love for your child or justify moments in your past that you aren't proud of.

Unmarried fathers can claim parental rights with legal aid

Even in the heat of a break-up, many fathers only want the best for their child. The bond between a father and their child can be just as strong as a mother-child relationship. However, the law tends to favor maternity rights when it comes to child custody, which forces fathers to work harder in these battles.

Navigating child custody during the holidays

The holiday season is a time for slowing down the demands of daily life and taking some time to appreciate your loved ones. However, it can also be a time of high emotions, especially if you have newly divorced. Even though one relationship has come to an end, you may still have a close relationship with your child and probably feel excited to celebrate with them.

Tips for parents facing child custody disputes

If you're a parent who is planning or going through a divorce, you likely have many questions and concerns about your child's wellbeing. This is often especially true if you and a soon-to-be ex-spouse are embroiled in a contentious divorce and aren't able to come to an agreement about child custody and visitation matters.

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