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Woman seeks child support payments decades later

Being a parent is often hard. It involves long hours, often with little sleep and with constant worry about the ability to meet the needs of the children. When there is only one parent providing support, it is even more difficult. As a result, parents in Virginia are often ordered by the court to pay appropriate child support. If that support is not forthcoming, the other parent often has no choice but to pursue legal avenues for payment.

Miguel Cabrera's child support case resolved

Most parents in Virginia and across the country are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of their children are met. For some, this may mean going to court to fight for fair treatment. In fact, a contentious child support battle involving the children that professional baseball player Miguel Cabrera had with his mistress has only recently been resolved.

Man arrested for failing to pay child support

Most parents in Virginia and across the country would agree that it is expensive to raise a child. Unfortunately, when parents are no longer in a romantic relationship together, it may be difficult to come to an agreement on the appropriate amount of money needed, often prompting a court to intervene. Failure to pay child support could ultimately have severe consequences. In fact, a man in another state was recently arrested.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie spar over child support

The end of a relationship is always difficult, even when couples in Virginia are committed to splitting as amicably as possible. When a divorce involves two wealthy individuals living under a microscope who have six children together, the potential for conflict is even more understandable. In fact, recent court filings regarding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie question whether Pitt is paying an appropriate amount of child support.

Man imprisoned for failing to pay child support

The vast majority of parents in Virginia and other areas of the country are committed to ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. This includes meeting their emotional and physical needs. To ensure that this happens, once a couple is no longer in a romantic relationship, one parent often agrees -- or is ordered -- to pay child support. Unfortunately, some people may struggle to do so, resulting in serious ramifications.

Mistake over child support order costs man over $6,000

All parents have a responsibility to their children. While they are obligated to provide emotional support and love, they must also provide for them financially. While there are some parents in Virginia who struggle to meet the obligations required of them in a child support order for a variety of different reasons, one man in another state claims that the state took money from him, alleging that he owed back support.

How to determine paternity in Virginia

The structure and definition of a traditional family in Virginia and across the country has changed over the last century. Most people thought of a family as being composed of a a married couple of opposite genders and their children. However, today there is a chance that two parents will not be married, often leaving couples wondering how to determine paternity.

New program could help a parent enforce a child support order

A proposed federal fund aims to support states in mandated record-keeping and enforcement. Since 1995, states are required to develop effective child support collection and enforcement programs by law. These programs help parents to enforce a child support order when the other parents fail to make payments. The new federal program could potentially provide upgrades to the existing system in Virginia. 

Business income can also provide for a child's basic needs

Some individuals in a marriage may have the entrepreneurial gene and, therefore, one or both partners may involve themselves in creating a family business. During a divorce and child custody battle, however, determining the value of that business can be a challenge, but accurate accounting will ensure that a support order will be made that will provide for a child's basic needs. At the time of the divorce, some Virginia families may find they need help with this financial task. 

Taking the mystery out of the child support order

Don't take common knowledge for granted when it comes to the children. A person who is approaching the issue of co-parenting after a separation or divorce may be wondering about the details of support payments. A Virginia court will decide the child support order, but it is up to the individual to understand exactly what child support is, who is responsible for paying, and how regular payments are important. 

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