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Wrong turn onto Virginia tracks leads to drunk driving arrest

Anyone who has driven at night likely knows that the lack of visibility can create confusion for those behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it seems that such confusion recently resulted in a man's arrest in Virginia. He now faces multiple accusations, including that he was drunk driving at the time of the incident.

Virginia driver arrested for drunk driving after pedestrian crash

A car accident can happen at any time of the day or night. However, it may be more difficult for drivers to see and properly respond to changing road conditions -- such as a pedestrian crossing the street -- at night due to the decreased visibility. Despite this, police in Virginia may be quick to assume that an accident that happens during the early morning hours is the result of a driver who is under the influence. In fact, a man was arrested for drunk driving after a crash that involved a pedestrian.

Virginia woman facing drunk driving charges in fatal accident

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, something as simple as changing the radio station can create enough of a distraction to cause an accident. Despite this, police in Virginia and across the country may be quick to assume that an accident -- especially one that occurs during late at night or early in the morning -- is the result of a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, a woman is now facing drunk driving charges after police say she was involved in a fatal accident.

Drunk driving alleged in fatal Virginia car crash

The loss of a loved one is never an easy event. Unfortunately, one family was hit with a double loss when a woman from out-of-state traveled to Virginia to help settle her grandfather's estate following his death. Now, her uncle reportedly faces accusations of drunk driving following a fatal motor vehicle accident that allegedly resulted in the woman's death.

Virginia man with multiple DUIs pleads guilty following crash

When involved in a relatively minor accident, it may be difficult for a driver to know exactly what to do, especially if no other vehicles are involved. Unfortunately, something as simple as running off the road could make a person react unexpectedly as he or she attempts to move the vehicle back to the roadway. A man in Virginia with multiple DUIs in his past now faces several criminal charges following a car accident.

Experienced legal guidance following a Virginia DUI arrest

As people in Virginia and across the country are aware, no one is perfect. Unfortunately, a single mistake can often have far-reaching consequences, such as when a person is dealing with a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, the state of Virginia has harsh penalties for those accused for driving under the influence.

Virginia father accused of drunk driving while changing tire

Taking care of small children is often no easy task. When unexpected stressors occur -- such as a flat tire while traveling followed by a confrontation with a police officer -- a person's body may respond in surprising way, potentially even causing a person to faint. Unfortunately, a mother and father in Virginia now face drug charges and accusations of drunk driving, respectively, after a police officer came across them changing a flat tire.

Virginia woman accused of drunk driving after accident

When people are faced with a law enforcement member, they can often be overwhelmed by anxiety and nervousness. Not only can this anxiety affect their behavior, it could also make it more difficult for them to fully consider the implications of the information they might provide. Unfortunately, a young woman in Virginia was recently charged after she was suspected of drunk driving.

Woman arrested for drunk driving after Target shopping trip

Police in Virginia claim that a woman took a recent shopping trip to Target a little too far. Shortly after leaving the store she was stopped and arrested for drunk driving. Additional charges for obstruction of justice, battery against a law enforcement officer and more were eventually filed.

Virginia woman is facing drunk driving charges after pond crash

When people are involved in a traffic accident, it is understandable that they might appear disoriented afterward, even if there is no sign of obvious serious injury. Unfortunately, police may interpret this disorientation as a sign that a driver is actually under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, a woman in Virginia is facing drunk driving charges after she allegedly crashed her vehicle into a pond.

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