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About to get divorced? Your emotions may not be helping

A pain-free divorce might not be possible, but Virginia couples can take steps to ease the process for everyone involved. For those ready to get divorced, it is important to remember there are serious financial implications at risk. A better future can hinge on a person's ability to focus on the legal part of divorce without letting one's emotions rule.

Those who file for divorce after decades of marriage

When most people in Virginia think about a divorcing couple, they often think of couples with young children, prompting a child custody and support battle. However, some attorneys are seeing a different demographic of people who also file for divorce. In fact, when a couple over the age of 50 ends their marriage, it is known as a gray divorce. One attorney claims that the number of gray divorces has increased from 25 to 30 percent over a two-year period.

Frances Bean Cobain loses dad's guitar in divorce process

When a couple in Virginia marries, they likely do so believing that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, as years pass, people change in ways that make them no longer compatible. Though both parties may recognize that ending the marriage is in the best interest of those involved, the divorce process can often seem overwhelming when someone tries to manage it without professional help. Unfortunately, the events surrounding the divorce of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of deceased musician Kurt Cobain, illustrates these complications and could serve as a cautionary tale to others.

Is retirement affected by the divorce process later in life?

More and more couples who have been married for years are breaking up. Whether it has to do with having an empty nest or simply moving in opposite directions, gray divorce -- or the divorce process of those who aged 50 or more -- is becoming more the norm. Virginia couples who find themselves on this side of the fence may want to rethink their retirement plans since moving forward as singles may play a large part in the financial picture.

Couples may argue over pets when they end a marriage

When a couple in Roanoke decides to divorce, there are often many decisions that must be made, especially if there are children involved. However, some attorneys claim that they are seeing an increase in the number of couples who have difficulty deciding who will receive pets when they end a marriage. For many, pets are seen as a member of the family.

Common tips for navigating the divorce process

At some point during life, an individual may find him or herself in the process of ending a marriage. For whatever reason, the marriage didn't work out, and the person must now go through the divorce process, which can include child custody issues, support payments and property division. Since so many people go through divorce, experts often have common tips that almost anyone can apply during this time. A person in Virginia facing the end of a marriage may be able to use some of the popular advice. 

Financial accounting a part of divorce process

State and federal laws determine how funds should be split when a couple decides to call it quits. Part of the divorce process for many in Virginia is a thorough review of assets, liabilities and debts, and then a negotiation to determine how they will be equitably shared. Any effort spent to determine the most accurate picture of the financial situation may prevent misunderstandings and confusion as the marital dissolution progresses. 

End a marriage more easily by avoiding mistakes

A divorce can be a trying time, and there is pressure to make the right choices in order to get through the process unscathed. Heightened emotions can make it more difficult to end a marriage, but luckily, there is help available. For Virginia residents, people with acquired knowledge of the divorce process offer some tips to help them avoid the pitfalls. 

Virginia divorce process could get trickier with new alimony rule

The new tax bill that was recently signed into law is bound to create some shifts in society as new policies are carried out. One such policy is a change in alimony, making the payments now tax-neutral. Couples undergoing the divorce process in Virginia may find themselves tempted to finish before 2019, when the new laws will go into effect. 

Tips for those looking to end a marriage

In a recent blog article, one author has shared some of his best practical tips for individuals facing divorce. When it is time to end a marriage, there are various measures a person can take to help the process along. In Virginia, a person who prepares for the divorce is more likely to come out the other side ready to start a new chapter in life. 

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