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Millennials take their own approach to the divorce process

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Divorce

Millennials are making cultural waves again as the generation puts its own stamp on coupling up. Although mostly not yet old enough to have accumulated many assets with a spouse, millennials still have an interest in preserving and building wealth, which they combine with a more practical attitude toward the divorce process. In Virginia, younger individuals may find being more informed about family law and divorce planning less intimidating than individuals from other generations. 

In fact, millennials are marrying less often than their peers from previous generations. Only 26 percent are married, but it does seem like marriage is important for those that choose it. As a general rule, the group does not tend to stay in a marriage as long as other groups. Once they realize that the marriage isn’t working, they are less attached to maintaining it, and more comfortable with moving on. 

For this group, cohabitation agreements can become important, especially in states where common law marriage is recognized. It has also been said that the younger generation treats prenuptial planning as more of a practical communication and planning measure than a bad omen or line in the sand. Good communication can aid a person’s quest to build stability and have a reliable growth of assets. 

In Virginia, many individuals, both young and old, will find the need to navigate the divorce process. Other people will find that other legal documents, such as a prenuptial agreement, are necessary for their ideal lifestyle. Luckily, help is available for all types of divorce planning and family law needs. An experienced family law attorney can aid individuals as they contemplate the best family law products for their needs. 

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