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DUI arrest follows Virginia car accident

There are many safe drivers on Virginia roadways. These drivers are dedicated to taking actions that limit their chances of being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, even the safest of drivers still face the possibility of making a mistake that could potentially cause a crash. Despite this, law enforcement officers may be quick to assume that an accident that happens at a certain time of day warrants a DUI arrest.

In fact, a man was recently arrested, following an accident that happened during the morning hours of a day in late November on I-495. Police have accused a man -- whose identity is unclear -- of driving south in the northbound lanes. Unfortunately, they say that, soon after entering the interstate, his vehicle struck a northbound vehicle head-on. Debris from those two vehicles hit two other vehicles.

Help dividing retirement assets in the divorce process

The decision to end a marriage is often one that is arrived at after a great deal of contemplation. While it may be a difficult choice, most couples who choose to do so come to the realization that it is in their best interests. Once the decision is made, they must then begin the divorce process, which includes the somewhat complicated step of determining how retirement accounts will be divided.

As Virginia state laws dictate, marital property must be divided equitably during a divorce. Separate property, assets that were obtained after the date of separation, as an individual gift such as an inheritance or before the marriage, are typically excluded from these considerations. For many couples, their most substantial asset is their retirement accounts, and their division could ultimately impact a person's ability to retire as planned. These assets include VRS benefits, pension plans and traditional and Roth IRAs, among others.

Find balance as you go through your divorce

Divorcing is hard. There's no question that it can make you feel any number of ways, from being frustrated with the situation to dealing with feelings of abandonment, anxiety or depression. Many people go through this when they divorce, so you should know that you aren't alone.

When you go through a divorce, it's important that you set aside time for yourself. Though this is primarily an emotional stress in your life, it can have real, physical effects. You may struggle with panic attacks, exhaustion or other signs that you are not handling the stress well.

What a Virginia divorce can -- and can't -- do

For most people in Virginia, their relationship with their spouse is one of the most significant ones in their lives. Because of this, the prospect of ending their marriage can be intimidating. Even though most people know someone who has gone through a divorce or have seen it portrayed on television, they often do not fully understand what decisions are made during the process. Having a better understanding can help.

For example, the divorce process achieves several purposes. First, marital property will be divided in the process; this likely excludes certain assets that a spouse had prior to the marriage. During this, there may need to be difficult decisions, such as whether to retain a personal business or the family home. Certain financial obligations -- such as if a child or spousal support is necessary -- is also determined. Additionally, determinations regarding child custody and visitation are also made.

Billion dollar art collection must be divided in divorce

Couples often invest their money in a variety of different ways. While many people look to stocks and bonds, others might put their money into collectibles, such as art. Regardless of how a couple in Virginia or other areas of the country choose to invest their money, all assets must be divided in the event the marriage ends in divorce.

In fact, a couple in another state are left to fight over their art collection. The couple, who were married for just under 60 years, finalized their divorce in 2018. However, they are still left to decide the fate of their art collection, valued between $625 and $973.5 million and containing works by Pablo Picoasso and Jeff Koons.

Man facing drunk driving charges after Virginia crash

When people are involved in a car accident, adrenaline often kicks in and potentially causes them to react in a way that may be out of character. In fact, a man in Virginia is now facing drunk driving charges, among others, after he allegedly crashed into a restaurant. Police say that he fled the scene following the crash.

Reports indicate that the accident happened around 1:30 a.m. on a day in late October. Police say they responded to reports that a vehicle struck a Moe's Southwest Grill. The driver, police claim, left the scene.

Boosting education after divorce: Getting your kids back on track

When you're going through a divorce, it's the reality that certain things might not get done. Maybe you weren't focused, so you didn't help your children with their homework as often as you'd have liked. Maybe you didn't continue taking them to a tutor due to financial issues.

Whatever the reality is, if your child is struggling in school and you've been through a divorce, you need to step in to help. Children struggle in school for a variety of reasons, from losing access to a parent who regularly helped with homework to being distracted by life at home. It's your job, as a parent, to help them get back on track.

Shoplifting disasters: What to do when your child steals

You were fine with your child going to the mall with their friends. After all, they're getting to an age where they deserve more independence.

Unfortunately, the friends you thought they were going to see were not the friends they met up with. Instead, they were hanging out with a group that you knew was previously in trouble for shoplifting, using drugs and getting involved in criminal activity. At such a young age, you know that some teenagers get in trouble, but you tried to shield your child by explaining why they shouldn't be friends with these people. Unfortunately, that discussion fell on deaf ears, and you received a call stating that your child was caught shoplifting a very expensive piece of jewelry.

Divorce: Court rules embryo contract is enforceable

At the time a couple says their vows, they likely have a great deal of plans for the future. For many, this includes children. While many couples plan for children in the future, the path to parenthood may look different from couple to couple. For example, for those who may want to delay parenthood, many choose to freeze embryos. While this option has been beneficial for many in Virginia, the question of what happens to the embryos following a divorce has been one that many courts across the country have been asked to address.

In fact, the Supreme Court in another state recently issued a ruling regarding how embryos should be treated for couples who have a signed contract regarding the fate of embryos in the event of a divorce. The case involves a couple who had one child through in vitro fertilization. The remaining embryos were frozen, and the couple signed a contract agreeing that they would be destroyed in the event of a divorce.

Are you really ready to go through divorce?

When your husband approached you and told you that he wanted to get a divorce, you were surprised by his sudden revelation. Recently, you knew that you were having trouble communicating. Your relationship didn't feel normal or like it once had. However, a divorce was never on your mind.

Before you agree, it's worth asking yourself if a divorce is really the right answer. If your spouse is adamant that a divorce is what they want, you won't be able to stop them from filing. However, you can ask them to go through marital counseling and to have an honest conversation before you agree to divorce.

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