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Man with multiple DUIs arrested in Virginia

Car accidents happen in Virginia for a variety of reasons. Often, the causes are unrelated to felony actions. Unfortunately, a man who has been charged with multiple DUIs is now facing a serious legal situation following his most recent arrest.

The arrest happened on a day in mid-May. According to reports, a police officer was stopped at a traffic light when his vehicle was struck in the rear by a pickup truck. The driver of the truck reportedly fled the scene, prompting the officer to begin a pursuit. Just over a mile away, the pickup truck reportedly struck a second vehicle.

Visitation woes: What to do if your child doesn't want to come

You always have a smile on your face, and you raised your child to have a positive outlook on life. After your divorce, you noticed that your child was becoming more depressed and lethargic, but over time, you thought that it would improve. Recently, you arrived for a scheduled visitation only to hear that your kid did not want to see you.

The shock you must have felt is unmatched. You shouldn't jump to conclusions right away, because there are many reasons a child could refuse to see you. If you and your ex-spouse don't have a contentious relationship, it's unlikely that your child is taking sides. However, there are some reasons your child could refuse to see you that you should take note of.

More states, courts have parents who share custody of a child

Even for parents in Virginia who remain in a committed, romantic relationship, coming together to make decisions that are in the best interests of a child is often difficult. The situation often becomes even more complicated when the parents' romantic relationship ends. Despite that shift, parents must continue to make decisions together regarding their children. Though a court may have to sometimes intervene, parents must share custody of a child.

In the past, parents have followed very traditional gender roles. Women were typically responsible for raising children while men were expected to earn money to support their families. Unfortunately, some people argue that the family court system still follows this model despite the changes that happen to society. For example, some statistics indicate that women are awarded primary custody in over 80 percent of cases.

De-stressing after contentious divorce negotiations: 4 tips

There is not much that stresses people out more than having to negotiate on the things they want to retain in their lives. For divorcees, sitting across from someone with whom they're losing a relationship and having a civil conversation about splitting assets or dividing child custody responsibilities can be a difficult battle.

If you've been through negotiations or are dealing with them now, the stress is a lot to bear. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce stress and resolve this situation quickly.

Mistake over child support order costs man over $6,000

All parents have a responsibility to their children. While they are obligated to provide emotional support and love, they must also provide for them financially. While there are some parents in Virginia who struggle to meet the obligations required of them in a child support order for a variety of different reasons, one man in another state claims that the state took money from him, alleging that he owed back support.

The man claims that he paid the child support that he owed on time. He even claims that, once his children became older, he received documentation from a judge, indicating that his financial obligations had been met. In Dec. 2014, he claims that the state sent him a check for $736 because he had actually overpaid.

Is retirement affected by the divorce process later in life?

More and more couples who have been married for years are breaking up. Whether it has to do with having an empty nest or simply moving in opposite directions, gray divorce -- or the divorce process of those who aged 50 or more -- is becoming more the norm. Virginia couples who find themselves on this side of the fence may want to rethink their retirement plans since moving forward as singles may play a large part in the financial picture.

The divorce rate for older couples has doubled in the last 28 years. Living the single life may be much more expensive. Once assets have been divided, the individuals will be in a better position to make financial decisions, including one regarding the probability of revamping retirement plans. There may be many issues to think about including 401(k) plans, who pays alimony and who receives it, and whether or not there will be two homes to run.

Roanoke man arrested for drunk driving following crash

Anyone who has driven knows of the potential of being involved in a motor vehicle crash. Many drivers who are on the road during the early morning hours are often at risk of falling victim to fatigue. Unfortunately, police can often confuse symptoms of fatigue and the aftereffects of an accident with signs of intoxication. In fact, a man in Roanoke was recently arrested for drunk driving.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-April. Police claim that the 25-year-old man was headed south when his vehicle left the roadway. It then struck a guardrail.

How to determine paternity in Virginia

The structure and definition of a traditional family in Virginia and across the country has changed over the last century. Most people thought of a family as being composed of a a married couple of opposite genders and their children. However, today there is a chance that two parents will not be married, often leaving couples wondering how to determine paternity.

When a baby is born to a couple who is married, the paternity is presumed; however, that is not the case when the parents are not married. Fortunately, there are options to voluntarily establish paternity. One option is to sign a voluntary acknowledgement of identity or a similar document in the hospital or anytime afterward.

The consequences of theft in Virginia

When people have been accused of theft in Virginia, it is important that they understand the broad terms of this crime and the fact that it can potentially be very serious. The factor that makes theft a crime is the act of "unauthorized" taking. This basically means that you are engaging in theft from a legal standpoint if you take the property of another without his or her permission.

In order for a court to be able to successfully prove that a person is guilty of theft, they must also be able to show that the accused also intended to take the property, and wished to permanently take it from the possession of the rightful owner. If your accusation of theft was misguided or misinformed, it is important to know that you have many options in regard to forming your defense.

Best interests of a child a question in custody case

The impending birth of a child is likely a time of excitement and anticipation for both mothers and fathers in Virginia and around the world. However, one man likely saw his worst fears realized when his wife died giving birth to their daughter while he lived in another country. Unfortunately, he is now left in a position where he may need to prove that living with him is in the best interests of a child.

The 34-year-old mother was only recently given a visa to the United States through a lottery. She had planned to petition for her husband to come join her. She, unfortunately, passed away in childbirth before she could complete the process.

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