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DUI arrest takes place in Virginia after bus accident

Many questions may run through the minds of individuals when they end up in difficult predicaments. One of those questions may be how they even could have come to this point in their lives. No matter how a person ends up facing a DUI arrest, knowing how to handle those allegations could make a considerable difference in how they affect his or her future.

One man will certainly want to gain more information on his situation after recently being charged in Virginia. Reports indicated that the man was driving a bus with a college basketball team on board when he apparently failed to maintain the correct lane. As a result, the bus struck the side of a tractor-trailer and then left the road. The driver overcorrected, and the bus again went off the road, hit an embankment and flipped.

Helping your toddler understand divorce

If you're considering filing for divorce, the last thing that is probably on your mind is explaining it to a 2- or 3-year-old child. At that age, it may seem unnecessary to explain what's happening, because so long as your child's routine is stable, he or she won't understand anyway, right?

The truth is that even young children do need some explanation. During a toddler's growing years, they understand more than you may believe. They also have few ways to express themselves and may not have the vocabulary to do so effectively.

Bird's nesting: An up-and-coming co-parenting solution

If two parents separate and wish to share custody, there are a few different options. A less-common option, but one that is growing in popularity, is called bird's nest co\-parenting. This method has recently been adopted by actor Josh Lucas and his ex-wife. The solution is a novel one, and Virginia residents may be more interested to learn about bird's nesting as a custody option. 

Essentially, bird's nest co-parenting is when the child remains in a central family home, and the separated or divorced parents move in and out, like birds going out to gather food and returning to the nest at different times. Each parent would then also maintain a separate residence for the times when the other parent is residing with the child. The option allows for shared custody without too much disruption to the life of the child. 

Common tips for navigating the divorce process

At some point during life, an individual may find him or herself in the process of ending a marriage. For whatever reason, the marriage didn't work out, and the person must now go through the divorce process, which can include child custody issues, support payments and property division. Since so many people go through divorce, experts often have common tips that almost anyone can apply during this time. A person in Virginia facing the end of a marriage may be able to use some of the popular advice. 

Timing and knowledge both play keys roles during a breakup. When the two parties finally sit down to settle the affairs, there will likely be a full disclosure of the marital assets. A person could help oneself in advance by having a complete understanding of any shared financial assets, such as mortgages, bank accounts and investments. This can enable a person to have a better chance at negotiating a fair resolution to any financial questions. Timing may also affect the financial outcome of divorce, so a person may wish to wait or expedite the process depending on the circumstances. 

New program could help a parent enforce a child support order

A proposed federal fund aims to support states in mandated record-keeping and enforcement. Since 1995, states are required to develop effective child support collection and enforcement programs by law. These programs help parents to enforce a child support order when the other parents fail to make payments. The new federal program could potentially provide upgrades to the existing system in Virginia. 

The Department of Health and Human Services has asked for $63 million from the federal government in 2019 for the creation of a shared service for child support enforcement. Currently, each state is responsible to do so, and many have struggled with the task. One state has finally given up after years of trying to make a program that works. When a state does succeed, the federal government typically reimburses a significant portion of the funds. 

Virginia Senate passes bill preventing DUI arrest on private land

Many people enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion. Typically, the understanding is that one should not be driving after drinking alcohol or one may face a DUI arrest. A recent bill passed in the Virginia Senate would alter that understanding and allow a person to drive drunk on their own private property. 

A bill, dubbed SB 308, originally aimed to clarify that the state law against driving under the influence applied only to public roadways and that private property was exempt from drunk driving rules. Opponents spoke out against this bill, citing concerns about individuals harming others while on private property such as amusement parks as an example. The bill was then killed in committee. 

Child custody is difficult with domestic violence

Domestic violence is difficult to deal with, but it is even worse when children are involved in the situation. The intersection of child custody and domestic violence is frightening for some parents who have been abused. They are usually concerned about what is going to happen with their children.

There are a lot of myths that seem to circulate regarding how the presence of domestic violence accusations can affect a child custody case. It is imperative that people who are facing this situation learn what can happen.

Digital visitation has benefits for long-distance families

Digital visitation is a gift of these modern times because it makes it much easier for parents to remain close to their children who live far away. It also helps those who frequently travel to spend time with their children despite being thousands of miles apart in different states or even countries.

Digital visitation is recognized as one way to supplement visitation times in child custody cases. It is not intended to replace visitation in person, but it can help bridge the gap between visits when parents and children cannot see each other often.

Virginians who wish to share custody of a child aided by new bill

This state may soon be following the lead of other states and scientific research by adopting a new standard for how a divorced parent will be able to spend time with a child. In the past, it was common for judges to award sole or primary custody of the children during the divorce proceedings. For Virginia parents who wish to share custody of a child, they will likely be pleased to learn about a new bill pending in the state legislature. 

The bill, known as HB 1351, asks family courts to consider whether joint custody will be in the best interests of the child. With the exception of cases of abuse, the research tends to support claims that shared custody is often in the best interests of a child. More than 20 states have already considered proposed laws to this effect, and the move is supported by at least 50 studies that endorse the arrangement as better for kids. 

Business income can also provide for a child's basic needs

Some individuals in a marriage may have the entrepreneurial gene and, therefore, one or both partners may involve themselves in creating a family business. During a divorce and child custody battle, however, determining the value of that business can be a challenge, but accurate accounting will ensure that a support order will be made that will provide for a child's basic needs. At the time of the divorce, some Virginia families may find they need help with this financial task. 

An accurate accounting of the family business will address more than the issue of child support. It can also help determine what is an equitable share of the assets for each partner. The individual may need to decide whether a share in the business or a maintenance payment is a more desirable option. 

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