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Keys to successful co-parenting following Virginia divorce

Most parents in Virginia are committed to ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. In some cases, they may even be willing to stay in an unhealthy, unfulfilling marriage because of the belief that an intact family is better for children. However, though a divorce can change the overall composition of a family, it does not completely break it.

In fact, many parents who are willing to co-parent are often able to maintain a civil relationship and help their children transition more easily. Co-parenting can establish a more stable environment, leaving children better able to cope with the changes in their lives. It helps them to understand that both of their parents are united in helping ensure that their needs are being met.

What effect will Jeff Bezos' divorce have on Amazon?

Many couples in Virginia who have been married for decades often work hard to build a life together and ensure their financial stability. Even when one partner works hard to create a successful company, the other often helps, including making financial sacrifices to help the company. Since Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos announced their intention to divorce, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding how the divorce will impact Amazon.

In addition to being the top shareholder, Jeff is also the founder and CEO of Amazon, a company valued at $800 billion. Though Jeff's estate is valued at $140 billion, the majority of his wealth is said to derive from his ownership of 16 percent of Amazon shares. He also owns the Washington Post and several other businesses.

Alimony rights: Learn more about this temporary support

When you're preparing for divorce and are the lesser-earning spouse, one of the questions you're likely to have is if you can seek spousal support. While every situation is different, it would be natural for someone in your position to seek spousal support through the court or through negotiation with your spouse.

Of course, not every former spouse receives support, and those who do may not be entitled to that support forever. In fact, most people get support for only a temporary length of time, which is limited to provide them just enough support to find work or to support them as they adjust to a new lifestyle.

Criminal defense strategies: The defense of "I didn't do it"

Every individual facing criminal charges in the United States benefits from the fact that he or she is "innocent until proven guilty." In this respect, simply being accused of a crime is never enough for the court to see you as having committed the crime. You will always walk into the courtroom innocent and -- if your defense goes the right way -- you will also walk away innocent.

It should be noted that sometimes the evidence against a criminal defendant is so strong that there's nothing one can do to prevent a conviction. In these cases, a plea bargain might be the best option for the defendant to try and better his or her legal situation. However, in some instances, the defendant can refute the charges with an "I didn't do it" defense.

What can parents do before filing for divorce?

Almost every divorce has something about it that's complicated or difficult to navigate -- especially when the divorce involves two parents. Sometimes it's just the emotional aspects of the breakup. Other times it involves complex situations related to child custody or asset division. Whatever it is, the more prepared you are before filing for divorce, the better.

Here are three things divorcing parents might want to do before they file:

Virginia woman facing drunk driving charges after crash

The criminal justice system can often seem overwhelming. When suspected of a crime and questioned by police, for example, some people may not fully understand the ramifications of the information they provide without the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In fact, a woman in Virginia is now facing drunk driving charges after she allegedly drove under the influence through a shopping center parking lot.

Police were reportedly called just before 7:30 p.m. on a day in January. A witness claims to have spotted a driver strike a parked vehicle and a utility pole. Another witness claims the same driver later drove over a curb before crossing over a median and across oncoming traffic lanes before entering a shopping center.

Women are more likely to be affected by alcohol than men

One thing that can hurt people who go out to drink is believing that alcohol affects everyone the same. If your best friend Jim can have three drinks and be sober, you should be able to as well, right?

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Women can be particularly vulnerable to the effects of alcohol.

Miguel Cabrera's child support case resolved

Most parents in Virginia and across the country are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of their children are met. For some, this may mean going to court to fight for fair treatment. In fact, a contentious child support battle involving the children that professional baseball player Miguel Cabrera had with his mistress has only recently been resolved.

Rodriguez, who has three children with his wife and two with his former mistress, reportedly purchased a million dollar house for the mistress and their children. Reports indicate that he made almost $70,000 in payments on the house before his wife issued an ultimatum, prompting him to cut off contact. The woman claims that Rodriguez's abandonment left her in "dire financial straits." The pair have been involved in contentious legal wrangling since.

Things to consider when a divorce is possible

Many people in Virginia use the start of the new year to make a new start. Often, families have spent a significant amount of time together over the holidays. For many couples, this time spent together is an indicator that a marriage is no longer working, often prompting an increase in the number of people contacting attorneys in January. However, there are some important considerations for those considering a divorce.

Some family law professionals recommend not rushing into the process. While some people may feel compelled to take immediate action, it may be prudent to attempt couples or marriage counseling before making a final decision. While counseling may not ultimately resolve the issues of the marriage, it may help both sides to fully think through the decision.

Man arrested for failing to pay child support

Most parents in Virginia and across the country would agree that it is expensive to raise a child. Unfortunately, when parents are no longer in a romantic relationship together, it may be difficult to come to an agreement on the appropriate amount of money needed, often prompting a court to intervene. Failure to pay child support could ultimately have severe consequences. In fact, a man in another state was recently arrested.

Reports indicate that the man and the mother of his child divorced in 2000. At the time, the couple's child was 3 years old. In July 2001, the now 51-year-old man was ordered to pay $780 per month to support the child.

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