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When family disputes require legal intervention, it can be frightening for everyone involved. A spouse can become a bitter adversary, while your possessions and children become territory to be fought over in courts of law.

Family legal disputes are often expensive, time-consuming and emotionally trying. The fallout can continue for years as parties grapple with the consequences of a court’s decision.

For these reasons, it is incredibly important that you hire competent and experienced family lawyers to represent you in these difficult times. Your best shot is to get things right the first time. At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, our aim is true.

Intelligent Family Law Representation That Is Aggressive When You Need It

Our attorneys represent clients throughout Southwest Virginia in these important family law matters:

  • Divorce. We handle contested divorce, uncontested divorce, marital property division, separation agreements, divorce for professionals and business owners, and divorce planning.
  • Child support and alimony. Financial obligations often remain after relationships end in the form of child support and spousal maintenance. Our lawyers will work hard to protect your financial interests.
  • Child custody. Virginia family courts determine issues such as custody and relocation based on what is perceived to be in the child’s best interest.
  • Same-sex family law issues. Sooner or later, we will have same-sex marriage in Virginia. In the meantime, other legal options may be available.
  • Modifications. Child support and custody orders can be modified if you have a material change in circumstances. However, you need to get a new order. An informal agreement between you and your ex-spouse is not enforceable.
  • Prenuptial agreements. Some people think that prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy. However, there are many situations where a prenuptial agreement makes sense.
  • Adoption. Our lawyers handle parental-placement adoptions and stepparent adoptions.
  • Domestic violence. If someone has obtained an order of protection against you, it could affect your employment and your relationship with your children.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers

Many family law attorneys have little courtroom experience. Our attorneys navigate the court system with a confidence earned through decades of experience. We are also persuasive negotiators who — whenever possible — will broker with the other side to reach a peaceful settlement that addresses all of your needs and goals. We are thoughtful in our strategies and always seek the most intelligent solutions for a given family law problem. Nonetheless, we aggressively pursue our clients’ goals in court when the situation calls for it.

For more information about your options for comprehensive family law representation, contact Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, Virginia, at 540-627-5150.