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What to do when a defective product injures you

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Injuries

Defective and recalled products are everywhere, from vehicles to furniture to medications. There’s a high chance that at some point in your life, you will own a product that won’t work properly. In most cases, consumers are able to return the item and forget about it. However, sometimes the problem reveals itself too late.

Faulty products can seriously injure Virginia consumers. They can even result in disability or death. You may know someone who suffers to this day because of a product gone haywire. Unfortunately, it might have even happened to you.

Usually when a product is consistently linked with injuries, a company will request all owners of the product to return it for their own safety. Take for example IKEA’s recent recall of a dresser that was prone to tipping over when not secured to a wall, which caused the death of several toddlers.

It’s important to note that a company’s decision to recall an item does not determine whether it is legally responsible for resulting injuries. In IKEA’s case, the injury happened because the parents did not follow the instructions that came with the dresser. A court might be more likely to call this a user error instead of the company’s fault.

If you believe that a defective product caused your injury, you should contact a personal injury attorney before you file a claim with your insurance company. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate the process for receiving compensation for medical bills. You may also discuss whether the company could be responsible for your injury by law. If so, you might be entitled to more compensation to make up for the pain and costs you have endured.

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