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Tips for those looking to end a marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Divorce

In a recent blog article, one author has shared some of his best practical tips for individuals facing divorce. When it is time to end a marriage, there are various measures a person can take to help the process along. In Virginia, a person who prepares for the divorce is more likely to come out the other side ready to start a new chapter in life. 

A divorce is a time for review and renewal. Since it is likely that a person will need to talk about dividing assets with their soon-to-be ex-partner, the time of marital separation is a good time to make copies of all important documents. At some point, a person will likely want to review beneficiaries and possibly change them. 

If one depends on a spouse for health insurance, it makes sense to start researching the options for getting separate health insurance. The same goes for bank accounts and credit cards. The shared accounts will probably soon be closed, so creating a new separate account may be a good step to take. Lastly, if the parties have children together, they will need to start talking about support, custody and childcare. 

Those in Virginia looking to end a marriage need not be intimidated by a long checklist. Just taking it step by step may be enough to help a person get through the transition and create an environment to negotiate a fair and comprehensive settlement. Many individuals choose to retain a family law attorney for help in navigating the divorce process

Source:, “7 Things to Do When You and Your Spouse Decide to Divorce“, Andre Smith, Dec. 11, 2017

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