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Bird’s nesting: An up-and-coming co-parenting solution

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Child Custody

If two parents separate and wish to share custody, there are a few different options. A less-common option, but one that is growing in popularity, is called bird’s nest co-parenting. This method has recently been adopted by actor Josh Lucas and his ex-wife. The solution is a novel one, and Virginia residents may be more interested to learn about bird’s nesting as a custody option. 

Essentially, bird’s nest co-parenting is when the child remains in a central family home, and the separated or divorced parents move in and out, like birds going out to gather food and returning to the nest at different times. Each parent would then also maintain a separate residence for the times when the other parent is residing with the child. The option allows for shared custody without too much disruption to the life of the child. 

If the family finances allow for maintaining the shared family home, the option moves the stress of going back and forth to the parents and allows the child additional stability. Actor Josh Lucas reports success with the method since 2014 and says that he has kept a focus on putting his son’s needs first. He also reports that sharing custody allows him to soak up the time that he has with his son while he is there. 

Co-parenting is a worthy challenge, and the time spent focusing on the well-being of a child pays off when the child emerges happy and well-adjusted. Some individuals choose more common shared custody styles such as sole custody or shared custody where the child moves back and forth. For others, the bird’s nest can be a perfect solution. Every case is unique, and individuals in Virginia who wish to talk over their options may benefit from the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. 

Source: People, “Josh Lucas and His Ex-Wife Are ‘Bird-Nest’ Co-Parenting Their Son After Divorce: ‘He Loves It’“, Dave Quinn, March 2, 2018

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