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Court to decide best interests of a child in football case

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Child Custody

Parents in Virginia are dedicated to protecting their children while also allowing them the opportunities that they seek, including playing the sports that they love to play. Unfortunately, there is often a wide range of what individual parents believe is in the best interests of a child, and in many cases, parents — especially divorced parents — may struggle to agree. As a result, they must ask a court to step in a make a decision.

Such is the case for a set of parents from another state. According to reports, a mother and father disagree on whether their son should be able to continue play football. The father claims that their son has suffered three concussions, and he is worried about the potential for diminished brain capacity and permanent brain damage if he suffers any more injuries.

However, the teenager’s mother claims that her son made the decision to continue playing football after he was medically cleared by his doctors. The father claims that he was initially able to stop him from playing last summer, but his ex-wife prevailed in court on that matter. Now the court must determine whether he can play the next season. The father claims that he is confident that the judge will ultimately rule in his favor in the case.

Unfortunately, even parents who are married have difficulty at times determining the best interests of a child for which they share responsibility. When this happens in Virginia, parents are often left to ask the court to intervene. To ensure that they are able to adequately present their concerns to the court, they often choose to ask an experienced attorney to help them through the process.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Father Fights In Court To Stop His Son, Who Has Suffered 3 Concussions, From Playing Football“, Andy Sheehan, March 6, 2018

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