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Talking with children about divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Divorce

Before couples in Virginia ultimately come to the conclusion that the best option is to end their marriage, there is likely a great deal of conversation and thought that occurs. Often, there is also a great deal of contention and hurt feelings that occur as well. Often, parents are left trying to decide how to talk with their children and what to say their children about the decisions to divorce.

It is understandable that children will have several questions about their parents’ decision to end their marriage. Before answering these questions, some professionals recommend putting careful thought into what information parents are willing to provide. For example, knowing how much information that parents are willing to reveal can help provide parameters for the conversation.

In cases where adultery, addiction or financial instability may have caused a split, parents who are willing to discuss these issues may want to ensure that their children understand many of of these issues and correct any misunderstandings and try to have a discussion that does not include blame. However, some parents may choose not to discuss such matters. They could, instead, simply tell their children that the reasons will remain between the parents while also providing assurances to the children that the divorce was not caused by the children.

While it may be a difficult decision to make, many parents decide that seeking a divorce is in the best interest of all involved. Often, having two parents who live apart happily is better for children than two parents who live together in contention. An attorney with experience with family law can help those in Virginia wanting to end their marriage understand the options available to them.

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