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Special visitation: Interacting digitally

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Child Custody

As someone who lives far from your child, you may not have regular visitation time. You want to see your child and their activities, but it’s hard when your job makes you travel the world. You most often have your child with you in the summer, but then, you aren’t getting to see them throughout the year as much as you’d like.

For someone in your position, virtual visitation is a key component to successful parenting and visitation. Virtual visitation has many benefits, the primary benefit being that you can see your child from anywhere in the world. To encourage you and your child to have a strong relationship, here are three ways to use virtual visitation in your everyday life.

1. Attend meetings with teachers and coaches via video chat

So, you can’t be at the meeting in person, but that shouldn’t matter. Yes, you could call a coach or teacher directly, but it’s better to use a video. Why? You can see expressions and interactions better than if you’re just listening to a person on the other end of a phone call. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the people working with your children and to put a face to the name as well.

2. Game with your child

Another fun thing about virtual visitation is that it’s extremely accessible. You can play video games, for example, on consoles with internet connections together from two different places in the world. You can hop into the same digital games online, too, giving you one more thing you can do with your child. Get a headset and make the time to sit down and have game time together.

3. See events in real time

Sure, it’s wonderful to hear that your child scored first place at a track meet or that she had a wonderful recital, but seeing the event in real time is a game changer. Even though you can’t be there, you can get connected via a video call and watch these events in real time, so your child feels your support. Better yet, you can record the event, too, so you can replay it whenever you’d like.

Virtual visitation opens up your options if you can’t be in the same area as your child often. Not being nearby doesn’t have to mean missing out on watching your child grow up. Virtual visitation can help you be there when your child needs you.

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