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Keys to successful co-parenting following Virginia divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Divorce

Most parents in Virginia are committed to ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. In some cases, they may even be willing to stay in an unhealthy, unfulfilling marriage because of the belief that an intact family is better for children. However, though a divorce can change the overall composition of a family, it does not completely break it.

In fact, many parents who are willing to co-parent are often able to maintain a civil relationship and help their children transition more easily. Co-parenting can establish a more stable environment, leaving children better able to cope with the changes in their lives. It helps them to understand that both of their parents are united in helping ensure that their needs are being met.

However, co-parenting requires negotiation and both consistency and the ability to compromise. It is important for children to have consistency in the behavior expectations and their daily lives while with both parents. However, because life with children can be inherently unpredictable, both parents may find themselves in situations in which they need to compromise. The ability to openly communicate with one another can help facilitate successful co-parenting.

There is no doubt that there are multiple adjustments that must be made in the aftermath of a divorce. However, many parents in Virginia find that their children may be happier when both parents are able to live less stressful lives separately. Often, those who are able to co-parent with one another can reduce the stress experienced by parents, easing their transition by maintaining a stable environment.

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