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Parent/child communication helps ease divorce transition

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Divorce

The amount of time children in Virginia and across the country spend on electronic devices is a controversial topic in modern society. While the potential negative effects of social media use, for example, are well-publicized, the potential benefits may be ignored. However, a recent study seems to indicate that texting and social media may be a useful tool to help children in the aftermath of a divorce.

As part of the study, researchers examined data related to 400 divorced parents with children ranging from age 10 to 18. As part of the study, researchers discovered three categories of co-parenting — conflicted, moderately engaged and cooperative. Researchers also looked at several different aspects related to parenting style, including parental knowledge of the child and parental warmth and closeness.

Though mental professionals tend to believe that the relationship between the two parents strongly impacts a child’s ability to cope with a divorce, this research suggests that may not necessary be true. In fact, researchers argue that it is a parent’s relationship to the child that is most important as indicated by the frequency of contact. Because electronic devices allows children to remain in contact, the parent and child are often able to maintain a closer relationship, sending the message to the child that the parent is interested and willing to be involved with his or her life.

Many parents in Virginia and across the country worry about the impact of a divorce on their children — some to the point that they might choose to stay in an unhappy relationship to protect their children. Parents who are able to peacefully co-parent can often live with less contention. However, this study shows that even when that is not possible, it is possible for parents to maintain a healthy relationship with their children through the use of texting and social media.

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