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What can parents do before filing for divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Divorce

Almost every divorce has something about it that’s complicated or difficult to navigate — especially when the divorce involves two parents. Sometimes it’s just the emotional aspects of the breakup. Other times it involves complex situations related to child custody or asset division. Whatever it is, the more prepared you are before filing for divorce, the better.

Here are three things divorcing parents might want to do before they file:

1) Consider your children

Get clear about how you will treat your children during the divorce process. For one, you should align your interests with the best interests of the children — and you might want to discuss this topic with your family law attorney to make sure you’re seeing with objective eyes. The more your personal interests match up with those of your children, the more the court will side with your position.

Finally, check out the online divorce kit for parents provided by Sesame Street. The kit is extremely helpful in the way it assists parents to break the news to their children and approach their divorces in the most balanced way possible for the entire family.

2) Consider your needs, too

After you’ve determined how best to support your children through your and your spouse’s divorce process, it’s time to turn the focus on you. Interestingly enough, many parents overlook their own needs during the divorce process. Make it your goal to have the most stress-free and uncomplicated divorce possible and try to see if you can get your spouse on board with the idea as well.

Talk to your respective divorce attorneys about alternative dispute resolution, out of court settlement negotiations and other ways that you can save time, money and stress during your breakup.

3) Don’t forget about taxes

Most Virginia residents spend as much time as they can ignoring their tax liabilities until tax season comes around. But when you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to determine what your tax liabilities on various assets will be — as this will help you have the fairest divorce settlement and asset division process possible. It will also prevent you from getting in trouble with the IRS.

There’s a lot more to keep in mind during your divorce process, but that’s why Roanoke spouses often work with a professional. The more you understand about Virginia family law before you file the better.

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