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Co-parenting: Issues to consider in Virginia divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Child Custody

When a Virginia married couple decides to divorce, they often encounter numerous challenges regarding child custody issues. Spouses divorce, but parents do not, and this means co-parenting terms must be decided as part of the settlement. Every family is unique, which is why the court often decides custody issues on a case-by-case basis.

The court typically believes that children of divorce fare best when they are provided ample opportunity to spend time with both parents. Many parents agree to shared custody arrangements because such arrangements make it easy for both parents to have active roles in their children’s lives. In fact, parents are often able to write the terms of their own custody plans, although they must seek the court’s approval before a plan is implemented.

Some situations are a bit less common, such as parents who have split custody of their children. In this type of agreement, one or more kids live with one parent while another or several children live with the other parent. Most judges would rather not separate siblings but will always make decisions with children’s best interests in mind. 

Virginia parents must make decisions regarding physical and legal custody of their children in divorce. The former refers to where children reside after divorce. The latter pertains to which parent has decision-making authority regarding education, medical issues, religion and other situations in a child’s life. An experienced family law attorney can help overcome any legal obstacles that arise in a co-parenting situation, whether such problems surface before a divorce is finalized or after.

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