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Remember to plan for a divorce before you approach the subject

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Divorce

Divorces are emotionally and financially challenging. Most people know that suggesting a divorce or bringing up the option of getting a divorce could cause extreme stress and anxiety in their lives. That’s probably why many people wait so long to address problems in their marriages.

If you want to talk to your spouse about getting a divorce but haven’t brought it up yet, then it’s a good idea to talk to your attorney first. Did you know that there are things you need to do before you divorce to make a divorce easier? Your attorney will give you information on what you can do to make the divorce easier on both you and your spouse during a short consultation.

What should you do prior to asking for a divorce?

The first thing is to make sure you are sure you want a divorce. There are marriage counselors and therapists who can work with you to discuss problems and help you and your spouse stay together. However, if you know that a divorce is what you want, then you need to take additional steps.

You’ll start by making sure a divorce is financially feasible. If you can’t afford to support yourself after asking for a divorce, then now is not the right time. You may need to open a credit card, create a separate bank account or take other steps to balance your finances before seeking divorce.

Another thing you can do is start collecting information on your assets. Doing this will help you be prepared for discussions on asset division in the coming months. Remember that Virginia is a equitable distribution state, so you and your spouse are not automatically entitled to half of all marital property. Instead, you will need to talk about how you’d like to split your assets fairly.

Prior to your divorce, you can start making copies of important financial documents, take photos of assets you and your spouse purchased and get documentation for any claims you’d like to make against your spouse, like claims of adultery or cruelty. The more information you’re able to collect, the easier it will be to help you fight and obtain the compensation and assets you want following your divorce.

Your attorney will talk to you more about what you should do prior to talking to your spouse about divorce, so that you’re prepared to move forward.

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