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There are many reasons shared child custody order is best

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Child Custody

When Virginia parents go through a divorce, the youngest members of the family can experience emotional trauma and stress. It’s difficult when things in a home change drastically and permanently, especially when it means the kids will not see one or both parents as much as they did in the past. This is why many parents understand the benefits of a child custody order that allows them to share parenting time and duties.

In the past, the courts gave preference to the mother, leaving the father with little access to the children. Even now, one parent may decide that it is best for him or her to seek sole or primary custody of the kids. In reality, there is significant evidence that suggests, in many circumstances, this is not good for kids and can actually be quite harmful to them.

Statistics indicate that there is a higher chance of a better outcome for divorced families that share custody. These kids tend to do better in school, have better emotional health and display fewer behavioral concerns. They are also less likely to experience fewer physical problems, including stress-related illnesses. By providing kids with access to both parents, they are receiving stability and security that will benefit them in multiple areas of life.

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of any divorce. It is not always easy for Virginia parents to work together on a shared child custody order, but it may be helpful to remember that the main priority is the best interests of the kids above all else. Before agreeing to terms, a parent may want to consider the long-term impact of any choices made. 

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