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How to make a co-parenting plan work well

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Child Custody

When Virginia parents go through a divorce, children can suffer emotionally and mentally due to changes in schedule and changes in their relationships with their parents. Because of this, many parents opt for a co-parenting arrangement, an option that allows kids to have regular access to both parents. This can be beneficial for the kids, but only if the two parents agree to work together and provide stability and security for the youngest members of the family.

Co-parenting may work well for the kids, but that doesn’t mean it will automatically be easy and peaceful for the parents. Because of the nature of this type of custody arrangement, parents have to commit to working together and communicating on a regular basis, which can be hard for two people who just went through a divorce. It is never good for a child to see parents tearing each other down, making it important for parents to support each other and refrain from speaking badly about each other in front of the kids.

To make co-parenting work well, parents will find it beneficial to commit to consistency between households. This means having similar rules, schedules and disciplinary standards. Kids who go between two homes will find it easier to transition when there is relative continuity of lifestyle at each home.

Co-parenting is not easy, but it can certainly be worthwhile. If Virginia parents think this could be the right choice for their family, they will find it beneficial to focus on drafting a fair and reasonable custody agreement that will outline how this will work. It is also prudent to consider speaking with an experienced family law attorney before signing any type of agreement. 

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