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Is it possible to avoid contention in the divorce process?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2020 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult decision, and sometimes, these challenging feelings can get in the way of trying to work together toward a settlement. In some cases, a Virginia divorce process is so contentious that children feel like they’ve been put in the middle of their parents’ battles, which can lead to stress and confusion for the youngest members of the family. Experts say they have noticed it becoming more common for children and even adults to struggle with mental health issues because of this.

There are times when a mental health issue is such that it actually one parent feels the need to protect the children from the other parent. Other times, parents end up fighting over how to manage their child’s special needs. At a time when joint custody is becoming the norm, it can be helpful to remember that this arrangement is not always best. 

Others say that the shift toward shared parenting has not necessarily reduced the conflict seen in many circumstances. There are more things to fight over, such as schedules, drop-off and pickup procedures, discipline and more. Divorce is still a very stressful process, especially for those who are entrenched in battles over custody and other issues.

Virginia parents going through the divorce process may find it helpful to remember to set the kids needs and interests above their own feelings. Sharing things on social media about the other parent, fighting over small details and putting the kids in the middle is not good for any member of the family. With the right perspective and commitment to the needs of the kids, it is possible to secure a final divorce order that is sustainable for years to come.

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