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Filing a petition is the first step in the divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Divorce

Figuring out how to navigate the marital dissolution process can no doubt be confusing. Fortunately, a family law attorney in Virginia can provide detailed guidance from the beginning to the end of the divorce proceeding. The divorce process officially begins when a person who is seeking divorce files a divorce petition.

The divorce petition is basically a document that a person files if he or she wants to get a divorce. It is similar to a complaint that a plaintiff files in civil court when dealing with a personal injury situation. The process of filing the divorce petition involves completing the petition’s sections and then submitting it to one’s county court.

Part of the document will require the petitioner, or the person filing the document, to explain the grounds for the marital dissolution. For instance, perhaps the other party committed adultery, or maybe the two parties simply have differences they cannot reconcile. In addition, the petitioner will need to detail any assets that both spouses share, as these must be split in an equitable manner during the divorce proceeding. Such assets may include real property, cars and collectibles.

Once a person fills out and files his or her divorce petition, he or she must make sure that the other party receives it. The recipient must then respond to the document. Otherwise, the petitioner will be given everything he or she requested in his or her divorce petition. An attorney in Virginia will ultimately push for the most favorable outcome for his or her client, given the circumstances surrounding the divorce process.

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