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Having to share custody of a child can be complicated at first

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Child Custody

Getting divorced in Virginia can feel like riding on an emotional roller coaster. This is especially true when young children are involved, which can lead to child custody disputes. However, it is indeed possible for those who must share custody of a child to ultimately lead satisfying lives long-term.

Following the divorce process, the parents of young children typically go through what is known as a hazy period. During this phase, they may feel liberated from their old routines. However, they might also find themselves being short on cash and wondering how they will thrive on a single household income. In addition, they must figure out how to handle household routines and their work lives in the aftermath of the divorce.

However, over time, parents will eventually reach a sustainable reorganization phase. During this stage, they discover sustainable ways in which to deal with life as single parents. For instance, they can become better at maintaining their new households, including managing their finances and their time. As a result, they can retain control of their lives and feel better about their situations going forward.

Nothing about the marital breakup process is easy, especially when the two divorcing spouses do not see eye to eye on how to handle divorce matters. However, a family law attorney in Virginia can provide the guidance needed to navigate complicated divorce issues, such as having to share custody of a child. The attorney’s main aim is to protect his or her client’s rights and best interests from start to finish.

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