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Divorce process with young children can be tricky

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Divorce

One of the most challenging aspects of dissolving a marriage is figuring out how to handle matters related to child custody, which can quickly spur emotion-fueled conflict. However, it is indeed possible for divorcing parents to have a relatively amicable divorce process. Here is a look at what they can do to benefit the whole family in Virginia.

First, two divorcing parents would generally be wise to embrace the concept of co-parenting. This arrangement allows both of them to play important roles in their children’s lives. However, to make it work, it is paramount that both parents are reasonable and committed to its success. This means being cooperative and maintaining open communication with each other.

The concept of parallel parenting may also be a viable option for some divorcing parents. With this approach, both parents can enjoy time with the children without having to interact with each other much or at all. Still, this approach may be challenging if the parents have vastly different rules and expectations from one another. It is more viable if the two parties’ parenting styles are similar.

Navigating the divorce process with young children can understandably be stressful as the decisions made during the proceeding will impact the entire family long term. However, a family law attorney in Virginia can help a divorcing parent to pursue a parenting plan that accurately reflects his or her personal wishes regarding child custody and visitation. At the same time, the attorney will push for an outcome that is ultimately in the children’s best interests.

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