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Co-parenting tips may help those going through divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Child Custody

The process of dissolving a marriage can unfortunately be challenging for both parents and children in Virginia. Specifically, deciding how to deal with co-parenting can be challenging. However, a couple of steps can help divorcing parents to make this process easier for their children.

First, it is important that a divorcing parent does not automatically assume that the other party will be a bad parent. The two parties might not necessarily like each other’s behavior. However, the reality is that both parties likely value spending time with their shared children. Thus, it would behoove the two parents to strive to create a custody agreement that allows both parties to remain active in the children’s lives.

Second, it is critical that divorced parents give their children affection and care. The more they spend time with their children, the more the children will likely want to spend with them. Therefore, it is important that divorced parents maximize the moments they can spend with their children, whether they have custody of the children or do visitations with them.

Developing a co-parenting agreement that reflects both parents’ wishes can help the family to avoid the stress that often comes with going to divorce trial. However, if this is not possible, the parents have no choice but to go to court, where a judge will end up deciding who will have custody of the children. Either way, an attorney in Virginia will push for an outcome that is in his or her client’s best interests as well as the best interests of the children.

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