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DUI arrest involving woman occurs following injury accident

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | DUI

A woman in Virginia was recently accused of causing an injury crash due to drinking while under the influence. The accident that led to her DUI arrest took place on a Monday night. However, although the woman faces a DUI charge, she is deemed innocent until and unless the government can prove her guilt in a court of law.

According to police, the driver ended up going over a road embankment at around 7:45 p.m. At that point, her car entered a river. The woman did not suffer injuries in the crash, but one of her passengers was hurt in the collision.

The injured passenger was removed from the motor vehicle and transported by air to a medical center for treatment. However, her injuries are not deemed to be life-threatening. Other passengers were also in the car at the time of the accident but did not suffer injuries as a result of the crash. Authorities continued to investigate the cause of the accident.

Following her DUI arrest, the woman who allegedly caused the car accident has a couple of options: she could proceed to trial or seek to negotiate a plea deal. At trial, prosecutors in Virginia would have to prove every element of her charge beyond a reasonable doubt — a feat that is often difficult to achieve. Only if prosecutors can do this will a conviction be handed down. A plea deal may be a better option if the evidence that the prosecution plans to present to support the charge appears to be strong. An attorney can guide the defendant in making the best choice, given the circumstances surrounding her DUI arrest.

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