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Divorce process can impact teen children

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Divorce

The process of getting divorced can understandably be tough for children, but it can be just as difficult for teenage children. For this reason, it is critical that parents who have teenagers and are going through the divorce process in Virginia pay close attention to how their children are coping with this process. Here are a few warning signs that teenage children are having a tough time with the divorce.

A major sign that teenagers are not handling their parents’ divorce well is that they have major mood swings. For instance, they may feel extremely elated and then extremely hostile toward other people over the span of several days. In addition, teenagers may find themselves overreacting to environmental triggers or displaying rage toward other people.

Another sign that teenagers are not coping with their parents’ breakup is that they display radical behavior changes. For instance, they may start to cheat, fight at school, steal or lie. In addition, they might begin to perform poorly on their school assignments. Eating disorders and sleep problems may also crop up among teenagers caught in the middle of divorce.

Although the divorce process can be emotionally challenging, two divorcing parents may make the process easier for the entire family by resolving their child custody issues and other divorce matters outside of court. For example, through negotiation, they can create a parenting agreement that satisfies both parents and benefits the children. An attorney in Virginia can help a divorcing individual to pursue a settlement that protects both the client’s and the children’s best interests long term.

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