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Financial analyst and attorney can both help with divorce process

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Divorce

As people go through the process of getting divorced in Virginia, one of their biggest concerns is likely how they will approach their finances. This is particularly true for couples who have many assets or high-value assets. In light of this, it would behoove people who are going through the divorce process to seek the help of both a financial analyst and an attorney.

A financial analyst can be helpful during a divorce proceeding by acting as an objective financial professional. This professional can guide a client through asset division and show him or her how to generate more income to sustain his or her pre-divorce lifestyle. Then, after working with a financial analyst, the divorcing individual can take his or her financial documents to an attorney.

The attorney can use the information gathered from a financial analyst to help the divorcing party to make wise decisions regarding the splitting of both assets and debt. In addition, the attorney can provide guidance in areas such as alimony and child support. The main goal of the attorney is to help the client to achieve a fair and mutually beneficial settlement with the other party.

Of course, in some situations, the divorcing individual cannot find common ground with the other party when it comes to the division of their assets, for example. Their unresolved matters must then go to a judge, who will make the final decisions regarding these matters for them. However, an attorney in Virginia will be prepared to litigate these matters aggressively, keeping the client’s rights and best interests at the center of the divorce process.

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