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Protecting yourself during a legal separation

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Divorce

When most people think of the end of a marriage, they often think of a contentious battle that plays out in front of a court. Fortunately, many couples in Virginia who have decided to move on with the next stage of their lives have found that they are able to come to an amicable end of their romantic relationship. However, even those going through an uncontested, friendly divorce find that having a legal professional on their side can protect them from the time of legal separation and beyond.

Divorces in Virginia require both planning and patience. For example, couples without children are required to live separately for six months before their divorce becomes final. If there are children, the period is even longer — one year.

Many people — even those who are committed to a peaceful resolution — seek guidance from Lutins & Pilgreen PC as they make the decision to divorce. While those committed to an amicable divorce may not see the need of hiring an attorney, doing so can ultimately protect them in the long run. Unfortunately, verbal agreements are not enforceable, but our experienced legal team can help create a separation agreement that addresses many necessary issues, such as where any children will live, who will pay for what bills, what assets and debts are considered marital, which ones are separate and whether maintenance payments are necessary, among other issues.

Unfortunately, mistakes made on legal separation agreements may be costly and difficult to correct when people try to create them without legal guidance. However, our law firm is here to help protect you in the event that you and your spouse come to a disagreement later. Our doors our open to our Virginia clients as we help you resolve your divorce and start the newest chapter of your life.

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