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Miguel Cabrera’s child support case resolved

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Child Support

Most parents in Virginia and across the country are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of their children are met. For some, this may mean going to court to fight for fair treatment. In fact, a contentious child support battle involving the children that professional baseball player Miguel Cabrera had with his mistress has only recently been resolved.

Rodriguez, who has three children with his wife and two with his former mistress, reportedly purchased a million dollar house for the mistress and their children. Reports indicate that he made almost $70,000 in payments on the house before his wife issued an ultimatum, prompting him to cut off contact. The woman claims that Rodriguez’s abandonment left her in “dire financial straits.” The pair have been involved in contentious legal wrangling since.

However, a judge recently issued a ruling in the case. Though the woman requested $100,000 a month in child support payments, he was ordered to pay $20,000 each month. He must also pay off the home that he purchased for them — which is currently almost $90,000 in arrearage — by July 1. As part of the order, he must provide for health insurance, extracurricular activities, birthday and vacations equal to what his three children with his wife receive and over $50,000 in attorney fees, among other costs. The 35-year-old Rodriguez has a contract for at least five more seasons, leaving him earning $154 million.

In a perfect world, parents who are no longer involved in a romantic relationship would be able to come to an agreement regarding the best interests of their children. Unfortunately, some struggle to do so, often leaving them facing off in court. Regardless of whether discussions regarding child support are contentious in Virginia, having an experienced attorney can help a parent understand his or her rights and obligations.

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