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Advocating For Families In Child Support Actions

When relationships end, financial obligations often remain. Whether you are estranged from a partner with whom you share a child or are divorcing a spouse and have years of financial obligations to untangle, you need a lawyer who can help you resolve important issues of child support.

At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, we help clients throughout Southwest Virginia create lasting solutions to their family support problems. Whenever possible, we help our clients reach fair and reasonable settlements that account for the needs of all parties. Often, mediation can help couples resolve these matters without the stress and expense of trial.

When compromise is not possible or wanted, however, we are prepared. We leverage our considerable litigation skill to fight for our clients’ family support needs. We will not stop until we have pursued every available avenue for the support you deserve.

Our firm assists parents in obtaining (and defending against) proposed modifications of orders for child support and spousal maintenance, as well as temporary orders for the same. Contact us online or by calling 540-627-5150 to learn more.

Am I Eligible For Support?

Child support in Virginia is set according to a complicated formula that accounts for each parent’s financial resources, ability to earn money and the child’s financial needs, among other considerations. Typically, the parent who either makes the most money or spends the least time with the child is the one who will pay child support.

Child support is not optional. Unless both parents are sharing all parenting expenses and duties equally (a rare situation), one parent will invariably be required to make monthly contributions to the other for the child’s care. Questions usually surround how much those contributions will be, whether they are determined by a court or through an agreement between the parents. An experienced child support lawyer can be an invaluable resource to a parent who needs to ensure that child support payments are fair, legal and appropriate for their and their children’s circumstances.

Get The Family Support You Need

At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, we understand what you are going through. Let us help you reach your goals for child support and spousal support today. We will pursue an outcome to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the court. For more information, please email us using our contact form or call 540-627-5150.