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Man paying child support for a child that is not his

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Child Support

Most fathers in Virginia and across the country are thrilled to learn of the impending birth of their child. They often spend a great deal of time dreaming of the things they will be able to do together. Unfortunately, the dreams of a man in another state came to a crashing halt one day when he learned that the child he had been supporting was not, in fact, his. Despite this, the state is still forcing him to pay child support.

The man claims that he signed the child’s birth certificate, believing the child’s mother that the child was biologically his. However, when he went to court to seek visitation rights, he underwent a DNA test to establish paternity. He says that he was devastated when he learned that the test revealed that he is not the child’s father.

He claims that he was already paying child support for the child at the time. Even though a judge apparently ruled that he no longer needed to continue to do so, the Florida Department of Revenue appealed the judge’s decision, meaning that he must continue making support payments. One attorney claims that the move by the Department of Revenue is rare and likely the result of an unconventional method of de-establishing paternity.

Unfortunately, the legal system is often complicated, and those with no experience with it may struggle to navigate it. Some may be tempted to represent themselves. However, having someone who has legal experience can help ensure that people in Virginia fully understand their options and that appropriate action is taken when it comes to fair child support.

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