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June 2020 Archives

Co-parenting can be a positive experience for the children

The divorce process can unfortunately be stressful for both parents and their young children in Virginia. Likewise, co-parenting in the aftermath of the divorce can be challenging. However, divorcing parents can take a couple of steps to make these life-altering experiences easier for the children to deal with going forward.

Talk safety before the Fourth of July weekend

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and with it can come some dangers for kids. Since you and your spouse share the weekend of the Fourth, it's likely that your children will come into contact with a few fireworks shows and small explosive items, like firecrackers.

Divorce process with young children can be tricky

One of the most challenging aspects of dissolving a marriage is figuring out how to handle matters related to child custody, which can quickly spur emotion-fueled conflict. However, it is indeed possible for divorcing parents to have a relatively amicable divorce process. Here is a look at what they can do to benefit the whole family in Virginia.

Grand larceny threshold doubled in 2020

You were with a friend in a department store when they laughed and told you that they were going to walk out of the store with a new bag. The theft itself bothered you, but you were concerned most because of the value of the piece. Listed at around $550, the accessory was clearly valuable and could lead to significant trouble if they were caught.

Tips can help with reducing stress during divorce process

The process of getting divorced can no doubt affect you both financially and emotionally. For this reason, it is not uncommon to experience increased stress levels during the divorce process. Here are a couple of tips for reducing stress when going through divorce in Virginia.

Man faces multiple criminal charges following DUI arrest

A man in Virginia was recently arrested in connection with a fatal car crash that took place in late March. The accident, which led to the death of a survey worker, occurred along Interstate 64. According to authorities, the man's arrest was a DUI arrest, as he allegedly drove while drug impaired at the time of the accident.

Divorce process can be tricky for older individuals

Getting divorced can be a difficult process at any age, but it can especially be challenging for those in their 50s or above. The reason for this is that the divorce process leads to immense financial upheaval, especially for those who have accumulated many assets over a lengthy period of time. Here are a couple of tips for navigating a divorce later in life, or a gray divorce, in Virginia.

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