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December 2017 Archives

Virginia divorce process could get trickier with new alimony rule

The new tax bill that was recently signed into law is bound to create some shifts in society as new policies are carried out. One such policy is a change in alimony, making the payments now tax-neutral. Couples undergoing the divorce process in Virginia may find themselves tempted to finish before 2019, when the new laws will go into effect. 

Will I lose my child to sole custody?

Parents aren't flawless, although sometimes it seems that society expects perfection. When you discuss child custody as part of your divorce, the pressure to be the perfect parent can feel intense. You suddenly feel like you have to prove your love for your child or justify moments in your past that you aren't proud of.

Tips for those looking to end a marriage

In a recent blog article, one author has shared some of his best practical tips for individuals facing divorce. When it is time to end a marriage, there are various measures a person can take to help the process along. In Virginia, a person who prepares for the divorce is more likely to come out the other side ready to start a new chapter in life. 

Coping with divorce can spell doom for your wallet

For many people going through divorce, this is one of the most traumatic and stressful experiences of their life. As such, dealing with these emotions might be the hardest part of the divorce process. While you should find a source of happiness to relieve the pressure, some coping mechanisms can leave you with an unnecessary financial burden.

Taking the mystery out of the child support order

Don't take common knowledge for granted when it comes to the children. A person who is approaching the issue of co-parenting after a separation or divorce may be wondering about the details of support payments. A Virginia court will decide the child support order, but it is up to the individual to understand exactly what child support is, who is responsible for paying, and how regular payments are important. 

Unmarried fathers can claim parental rights with legal aid

Even in the heat of a break-up, many fathers only want the best for their child. The bond between a father and their child can be just as strong as a mother-child relationship. However, the law tends to favor maternity rights when it comes to child custody, which forces fathers to work harder in these battles.

Will I have to split my business in divorce?

Owning a business, no matter the size, is no easy feat. You've worked long hours and stayed awake at night worrying and envisioning your company's future. Now that you and your spouse are moving forward with divorce, you might be dreading the fate of the business you worked so hard to build.

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