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March 2019 Archives

Toddlers and divorce: Simplifying the concept

Children of all ages go through divorce, and although they may seem too young to understand the implications of what's happening, many kids do from a young age. Toddlers are particularly susceptible to the impact of a divorce, since they will have more difficulty understanding what's happening and why it's happening.

Woman seeks child support payments decades later

Being a parent is often hard. It involves long hours, often with little sleep and with constant worry about the ability to meet the needs of the children. When there is only one parent providing support, it is even more difficult. As a result, parents in Virginia are often ordered by the court to pay appropriate child support. If that support is not forthcoming, the other parent often has no choice but to pursue legal avenues for payment.

Woman arrested for drunk driving after Target shopping trip

Police in Virginia claim that a woman took a recent shopping trip to Target a little too far. Shortly after leaving the store she was stopped and arrested for drunk driving. Additional charges for obstruction of justice, battery against a law enforcement officer and more were eventually filed.

Considering reward points in asset division process of divorce

Most people in Virginia are aware that a great deal of thought and consideration often goes into the process of deciding whether to end a marriage. Once that decision is made, however, couples are left to make multiple decisions that could ultimately have a significant impact on their financial stability for the years that follow. While deciding who will keep the house and how child custody will be divided are obvious, other decisions -- such as who will retain any points earned with the use of a credit card -- may be easily overlooked during the asset division process of a divorce.

Understanding tax exemptions following a divorce

At this time of year, it is understandable that people in Virginia and across the country have their thoughts turned to their taxes. As the filing date approaches, many people likely have multiple questions, especially if they chose to divorce and share custody of children. Who can claim the children as their dependents is often a question that many parents have.

Relocating: Here's what you need to consider

Both you and your ex split custody of your children, but you have a problem. You've been offered a job that will provide you with almost double your salary, but it's two states away. You know the distance is detrimental, but the money is too good to ignore the offer.

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