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February 2019 Archives

Parent/child communication helps ease divorce transition

The amount of time children in Virginia and across the country spend on electronic devices is a controversial topic in modern society. While the potential negative effects of social media use, for example, are well-publicized, the potential benefits may be ignored. However, a recent study seems to indicate that texting and social media may be a useful tool to help children in the aftermath of a divorce.

Virginia woman is facing drunk driving charges after pond crash

When people are involved in a traffic accident, it is understandable that they might appear disoriented afterward, even if there is no sign of obvious serious injury. Unfortunately, police may interpret this disorientation as a sign that a driver is actually under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, a woman in Virginia is facing drunk driving charges after she allegedly crashed her vehicle into a pond.

Keys to successful co-parenting following Virginia divorce

Most parents in Virginia are committed to ensuring that the best interests of their children are met. In some cases, they may even be willing to stay in an unhealthy, unfulfilling marriage because of the belief that an intact family is better for children. However, though a divorce can change the overall composition of a family, it does not completely break it.

What effect will Jeff Bezos' divorce have on Amazon?

Many couples in Virginia who have been married for decades often work hard to build a life together and ensure their financial stability. Even when one partner works hard to create a successful company, the other often helps, including making financial sacrifices to help the company. Since Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos announced their intention to divorce, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding how the divorce will impact Amazon.

Alimony rights: Learn more about this temporary support

When you're preparing for divorce and are the lesser-earning spouse, one of the questions you're likely to have is if you can seek spousal support. While every situation is different, it would be natural for someone in your position to seek spousal support through the court or through negotiation with your spouse.

Criminal defense strategies: The defense of "I didn't do it"

Every individual facing criminal charges in the United States benefits from the fact that he or she is "innocent until proven guilty." In this respect, simply being accused of a crime is never enough for the court to see you as having committed the crime. You will always walk into the courtroom innocent and -- if your defense goes the right way -- you will also walk away innocent.

What can parents do before filing for divorce?

Almost every divorce has something about it that's complicated or difficult to navigate -- especially when the divorce involves two parents. Sometimes it's just the emotional aspects of the breakup. Other times it involves complex situations related to child custody or asset division. Whatever it is, the more prepared you are before filing for divorce, the better.

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