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4 tips for getting through the holidays after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Divorce

Divorces are hard, even once they’re over. You still have to adjust to your new way of life, and it can be complicated and frustrating.

When the holidays approach, it might seem like you’re being overwhelmed with everything you have to do. Here are a few tips for getting through the holidays.

1. Take time for yourself

After a divorce, it’s possible to feel emotionally drained. If you don’t feel comfortable spending time at events or feel too tired, it’s your choice to stay home. Take some time for yourself, so you can recuperate.

2. Create easy outs

It can be overwhelming visiting family and friends on the holidays, let alone after a divorce. If you’re worried you’ll be too frantic or overwhelmed at an event, make an easy out. Have a back-up plan or reason to leave that you can use if you need to.

3. Skip events you’re not comfortable with

Did someone you and your ex both have in your lives ask you to an event? If your ex might come and you don’t feel comfortable, feel free to turn down the invitation. Although you may feel comfortable seeing him or her later, that doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to do so now.

4. Be clear about your preferences

If you don’t want to talk about your divorce, then the people you’re visiting should understand. Be clear that you don’t want the topic to come up. Likewise, if it’s okay to talk about it, make sure they aren’t walking on eggshells while you visit.

The holidays are a time when you should enjoy seeing the people you love. Regardless, there are times when you just need some space. Do what you need to do to feel comfortable this holiday season, and remember that time helps heal.

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