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End a marriage more easily by avoiding mistakes

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Divorce

A divorce can be a trying time, and there is pressure to make the right choices in order to get through the process unscathed. Heightened emotions can make it more difficult to end a marriage, but luckily, there is help available. For Virginia residents, people with acquired knowledge of the divorce process offer some tips to help them avoid the pitfalls. 

If a person is considering divorce for the first time, it could be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and the advice of well-meaning friends. Personal research can be helpful, but one shouldn’t drown oneself in the thousands of articles, blogs and videos out there. When it is time to get serious about ending the marriage, one should start thinking about putting together a qualified team of assistants. 

A divorce team could possibly consist of some or all of the following professionals: a therapist, an accountant, a financial planner, an attorney, and supportive friends and family. Understand each person’s role and be forthcoming with information when dealing with them. Especially for financial and legal concerns, now is the time to be transparent about your financial picture, and it is also a good time to gather all one’s important documents. 

The overwhelming common mistakes, relying on the wrong people and not having all the information can definitely be avoided. A person who wants to end a marriage will want to start somewhere. In Virginia, many people decide to start by hiring an experienced family law attorney for an evaluation of their situation. 

Source: Forbes, “Alleviate Divorce Pain By Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes“, Michael F. Kay, Jan. 9, 2018


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