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Child custody considerations in Virginia

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Child Custody

There is often a misconception that an intact family unit is in the best interest of children in Virginia and across the country. However, living with two parents who are unhappy with one another and experience a great deal of conflict can be harmful. As such, many couples choose to divorce, leaving them to address the question of child custody.

Some legal professionals would argue that there has been in a shift in the attitude toward the role of mothers and fathers in the last several decades. In the past, it may have been traditional for the mother to have physical custody of the children the vast majority of the time with the father having limited visitation. However, that tradition was based on the idea that women were more frequently full-time homemakers.

Today, women are more likely to work outside of the home. Additionally, some professionals claim that research has shed light on what is truly in the best interest of children. Specifically, research shows that a shared parenting arrangement may be more beneficial to children.

The end of a romantic relationship is rarely easy, and even in the best of times, parents in Virginia can have differing opinions regarding what is best for their children. While some parents are able to come to an agreement without an attorney, having someone with legal experience on their side ensures that a parent is fully aware of the implications of a child custody or support agreement. In many cases, once an initial agreement is made, it may be difficult to alter.

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