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Virginia woman facing drunk driving charges after crash

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | DUI

The criminal justice system can often seem overwhelming. When suspected of a crime and questioned by police, for example, some people may not fully understand the ramifications of the information they provide without the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In fact, a woman in Virginia is now facing drunk driving charges after she allegedly drove under the influence through a shopping center parking lot.

Police were reportedly called just before 7:30 p.m. on a day in January. A witness claims to have spotted a driver strike a parked vehicle and a utility pole. Another witness claims the same driver later drove over a curb before crossing over a median and across oncoming traffic lanes before entering a shopping center.

Once there, police claim that the woman struck the brick wall of a store. Though the store was undamaged, the vehicle allegedly damaged a flower pot, sign and metal bench when reversing. The vehicle, said to have been driven by a 51-year-old woman, then reportedly entered the grounds of a nearby elementary school before ultimately coming to a stop after striking a boulder. She now faces several charges, including hit and run, destruction of property and driving under the influence.

Police claim that the woman admitted to consuming alcohol and both over-the-counter and prescription drugs prior to the incident. She was taken into custody at the scene. Because of the potential ramifications those facing drunk driving charges in Virginia can experience, suspects often want a professional on their side, helping them understand their rights and options as they choose how to respond to the allegations against them.

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