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Man in jail after failing to pay child support

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Child Support

Even couples in Virginia who remain in a loving relationship sometimes struggle to see eye-to-eye on how children should be parented and how funds should be allocated. For couples who are no longer together romantically, it may be even more difficult to do. Unfortunately, failure to meet the requirements as outlined in a court order can have serious consequences. For example, a man in another state found himself in jail after he was accused of failing to pay child support.

The case involves a couple who divorced in 2011. The man’s recent arrest stemmed from a civil contempt petition his ex-wife filed in January. At that time, she was asking for money she claims she was owed in child support, medical expenses, college costs and on the cost of a vehicle she purchased for their children’s use.

A judge ordered the man to pay the woman $170,000, giving him days to pay. When he did not, the judge ordered the sheriff to arrest him. He will remain in custody until he pays his ex-wife the money. 

There is no doubt that some people experience financial difficulties in life that could interfere with their ability to pay child support. However, failing to pay could have serious consequences, including imprisonment, as this case illustrates. Additionally, such a failure could also have a detrimental impact on the parent’s relationship with his or her children. If a person is struggling, he or she has the option of requesting a modification. An attorney with family law experience can help both sides — both those seeking a modification and those seeking enforcement — fully understand their options and seek appropriate legal action in Virginia.

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