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What a Virginia divorce can — and can’t — do

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Divorce

For most people in Virginia, their relationship with their spouse is one of the most significant ones in their lives. Because of this, the prospect of ending their marriage can be intimidating. Even though most people know someone who has gone through a divorce or have seen it portrayed on television, they often do not fully understand what decisions are made during the process. Having a better understanding can help.

For example, the divorce process achieves several purposes. First, marital property will be divided in the process; this likely excludes certain assets that a spouse had prior to the marriage. During this, there may need to be difficult decisions, such as whether to retain a personal business or the family home. Certain financial obligations — such as if a child or spousal support is necessary — is also determined. Additionally, determinations regarding child custody and visitation are also made.

A divorce does not guarantee that assets will be split equally. In many cases, family law judges are left to make decisions based on the relatively limited information available. Additionally, the end of a marriage will not resolve any lingering conflicts between each other. If there are children involved, both people may have to work hard to overcome their personal animosities to be able to successfully co-parent. 

Most people in Virginia and across the country would likely agree that going through a divorce is difficult. The time during and following proceedings is often a time of both financial and emotional adjustment. However, the vast majority of people going through the process would likely admit that doing so was ultimately the best choice for all parties involved. A conversation with an attorney can help those considering this option fully understand the decisions that they will face.

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