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These 3 “R’s” keep your case moving forward

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Divorce

Divorces are tough on everyone, but as a person who believed that your marriage was built to last, it can be devastating. You may still love your spouse and want the best for them, but their decision to leave was final.

Now that you’re in this position, you may be finding it difficult to focus on your divorce. You may be reluctant to take part in it, because you don’t want to see it happen. It’s important for you to know that the divorce will move forward regardless of your delays, so it’s better to talk to your attorney and start working toward the solutions you need.

What can you do to work toward solutions in your divorce?

There are a few different things you can do to make your divorce easier and to help move things along. These include:

  • Being realistic
  • Being reasonable
  • Being responsive

These three “R’s” are good to remember, because they’ll keep you and your divorce on track.

To start with, it’s important that you’re realistic. Be realistic that the divorce is going to happen even if you delay. Be realistic about the assets you want and how you expect to divide them. Virginia has equitable distribution laws, so your assets will be divided fairly, not equally.

As for being reasonable, remember that you can’t ask for everything or expect everything to go your way. While you’d get all you want in an ideal world, the likelihood is that you’ll actually have to compromise on at least a few things. Sit down with your attorney to talk about your wishes and discuss what is a reasonable outcome for your case.

Finally, be responsive. The best way to keep things moving is to make sure you spend time on your divorce and respond to any requests you receive. Of course, your attorney will help you respond to questions and requests for documents that the other party needs.

These are some helpful tips to keep your case moving forward. This might be a trying time in your life, but with the right attitude and attention to detail, you’ll get through it.

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