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Guiding Parents Through Relocation

There are many reasons a parent may need to move, such as an employment opportunity, a sick relative, a new relationship or another significant life event. These times of change can be difficult, particularly when you have an existing parenting plan with a former partner.

At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, we help parents resolve difficult issues surrounding relocation with children. We have successfully represented parents seeking court approval to move with a child, as well as those trying to prevent a move that could impact their child custody or visitation arrangements.

What If I Need To Relocate?

Many parents have reasons for moving out of the community. In these cases, Virginia law is clear. The parent who intends to relocate must inform the court and the other parent within 30 days of the move and must provide updated address information.

Sometimes, a move may not be in the child’s best interest or may be contested by the other parent. Our lawyers represent parents in these situations, helping them secure modifications of child custody orders that are best for them and their children. Moving out of state with a child is more difficult than moving a short distance. It is not impossible, however, especially if you secure the right representation.

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During your initial consultation, we will begin by listening to your story and answering your questions. This helps us understand your priorities and begin developing a strategy to preserve your best interests as well as those of your child. To speak with a proven child custody attorney serving communities throughout Virginia, please contact us via email or call 540-627-5150.