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Protecting Your Children During Divorce

If you are considering getting divorced or already going through the legal process, you know how difficult it can be. In many cases, this time of stress and uncertainty is even harder on children. Many parents want to take steps to protect their children during divorce.

At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, we provide intelligent representation to parents who wish to shield their children from difficult divorce proceedings. When you are fighting for the best possible future for yourself and your child, count on us for seasoned legal advice and compassionate counsel.

How Can I Make Divorce Easier On My Child?

There are several ways to ease the emotional burden of your divorce on your child:

  • Don’t put your child in the middle. While you may be angry toward your former spouse, avoid badmouthing him or her in front of your child. Speak with a counselor, friend or other confidant if you need someone to vent to.
  • Keep things consistent. Children need the stability of routines, especially when they are moving between parents. Try to keep designated times for things like homework and sleeping, coordinating with your former partner if possible.
  • Listen. Your child needs to know that you are there to listen without judgment. Allow him or her to share feelings, listen sincerely and offer what words of comfort you can — without giving them false hope or making promises you can’t keep.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your child’s teachers, your attorney and anyone else you trust for help during this time of change. They may be able to offer your child additional emotional support.

Fighting When It Is Right For Your Child

Talk To A Lawyer And Learn More

While we pride ourselves on being aggressive advocates for our clients, we understand that a contentious court battle is not always the best choice for you and your family. While our duty is to represent you as our client, we are always sensitive to your child’s needs. Whenever possible, we will guide you through divorce in a way that minimizes the stress to your child.

To learn more about our practice and our commitment to Virginia’s families, please contact us for a, confidential consultation. You may send us an email using our contact form or call 540-627-5150 to speak with an attorney.