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Taking the mystery out of the child support order

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | Child Support

Don’t take common knowledge for granted when it comes to the children. A person who is approaching the issue of co-parenting after a separation or divorce may be wondering about the details of support payments. A Virginia court will decide the child support order, but it is up to the individual to understand exactly what child support is, who is responsible for paying, and how regular payments are important. 

Most people understand that child support is a financial payment to one parent. The person receiving support could also be a legal guardian of the minor child who resides in the home and is financially dependent. The other parent, the noncustodial parent, will be making a payment that helps provide basic needs and lifestyle needs for the child. This payment will help defray the costs of food, utilities, education, housing, medical and other costs. 

When a noncustodial parent honors the child support order and makes regular payments, they help the child stay out of poverty and away from government programs. It typically has a positive benefit for family relationships and helps to preserve the relationship between parent and child. Since an order is set by a court, there are penalties for those who do not make the necessary payments. 

In Virginia, the child support order is legally binding. Most people feel that it is important to come to an agreement that works for all parties involved. When it is time to form the order, many people choose to hire an attorney for their experience in handling such matters. 

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