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Experienced legal guidance following a Virginia DUI arrest

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | DUI

As people in Virginia and across the country are aware, no one is perfect. Unfortunately, a single mistake can often have far-reaching consequences, such as when a person is dealing with a DUI arrest. Unfortunately, the state of Virginia has harsh penalties for those accused for driving under the influence.

For example, a person arrested for drunk driving faces an automatic suspension of a driver’s license if his or her blood alcohol content is higher than .08. A person who is facing a repeat arrest could face an indefinite suspension. He or she may also face a mandatory prison sentence in addition to heavy fines. The consequences of a conviction vary depending on the person’s age, level of intoxication and number of previous convictions.

Unfortunately, many people facing an arrest may be unsure of their rights. Fot instance, they have the right to decline to speak with law enforcement officials without an experienced professional, such as those at Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, at their side. Typically, keeping responses to a bare minimum and requesting an attorney when circumstances warrant is the best approach.

Our law firm has experience helping clients in Virginia with the aftermath of a DUI arrest. We will examine all of the evidence in the case and look for procedural errors or mistakes in gathering evidence that could lead to lesser charges or an acquittal. Our lawyers can help those in such a situation as they seek to minimize the potential personal, professional and financial consequences of a DUI conviction. We are here to fight for our clients from the earliest stages of the process, including during initial questioning by police.

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