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If You Drink And Drive, Virginia Is Ready To Punish You

“Virginia is tough on drunk and drugged drivers.” Don’t take our word for it. This is the slogan on a brochure* being distributed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The state is very proud of the harsh penalties it deals to motorists who have been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Penalties for a driving while intoxicated conviction vary depending on your age, number of previous offenses and level of intoxication, but all are severe.

Are You Ready To Lose Your License?

Even if you have never been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) before, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended if your blood alcohol level exceeds .08. Most people can exceed that level after only two or three drinks. For subsequent or more serious offenses, penalties can increase to include indefinite driver’s license revocation, heavy fines and mandatory time in prison.

You don’t want this to happen. If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving, you need a lawyer who will fight for you. You need a lawyer who will do everything possible to limit the damage a simple mistake can wreak upon your finances, employability and quality of life.

Our Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys Will Fight For You

Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, Virginia, fights for the rights and freedoms of motorists facing charges of DUI and boating under the influence (BUI). If you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving or drunk boating, we understand that the stakes are high and that you need help.

Hire our experienced lawyers, and we will listen to you, examine all of the evidence and look for the best way out of your difficult situation. We are adept at identifying procedural errors and errors in evidence-gathering that can result in an acquittal or grounds for lesser charges.

We frequently obtain alternative punishments for convicted clients, including alcohol counseling in lieu of jail time. If you’ve lost your license to an automatic suspension, we can help you get it back.

Call Us Before You Talk To Police!

You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s good advice. Police love it when intoxicated drivers trust them. Trusting people talk. If you talk too much, you may very well incriminate yourself, saving law enforcement the effort of proving you’ve committed a crime.

You are not obligated to help law enforcement convict you. If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI or DWI, keep your comments to a bare minimum, cooperate with your breath test and insist on speaking with a lawyer at Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, immediately. We will do the talking for you, potentially saving you money, time and your freedom in the process.

For more information, contact the intelligent and aggressive lawyers at Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, Virginia, at 540-627-5150.

*” Virginia Is Tough On Drunk And Drugged Drivers,” Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles