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Defending Against Assault And Battery Charges

A conviction for assault can affect you in many ways. Anyone who performs a background check on you would see the conviction — and could treat you differently as a result. You could be denied an apartment, a loan, a job or a professional license — all because you have a criminal record for assault.

At Lutins & Pilgreen, PC, in Roanoke, Virginia, we know how serious it is to face assault and battery charges. Our job is to protect you not only from short-term consequences such as a fine and jail time, but also from long-term consequences such as a damaging criminal record. We offer a initial consultation to discuss your case. We often represent high school and college students who are charged with assault and battery following a fight. We also handle cases of domestic assault.

Defenses To Assault Charges

When two people end up in a physical altercation, one may go to the hospital and the other party may be charged with a crime. Even if you did not start the fight, you could be charged with a crime if the other party suffered an injury and filed a complaint with police.

Police often do not take the time to investigate assault cases fully. They may file charges on little more than statements by the alleged victim. Our lawyer will pick up the investigation where the police leave off. You may have a defense, such as you were defending yourself or another.

Sometimes people plead guilty to assault charges simply because they are embarrassed and want to make the case go away. Unfortunately, pleading guilty will result in a criminal record that could be with you for the rest of your life.

For More Information About Defenses To Assault Charges

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